Active Portfolio Management

​NEKO PARTNERS’ Private Client Group offers separate account portfolio management to individual investors, tailored to each client’s situation and investment goals. Portfolios are adjusted based on your personal needs as well as our forward-looking views of the market. All investment strategies are directed by our  four-member Investment Policy Committee with over 10 years of combined industry experience and supported by the firm’s in-house global research platform. Each client receives a dedicated Investment Counselor who knows you by name and is your primary point of contact. Clients also have access to a wide array of exclusive client programs, research and educational materials.

We start by helping you identify your time horizon, long-term goals, objectives and cash flow needs. Then work to provide you with a written portfolio analysis and personalized investment strategy recommendation.

Portfolio Analysis.  We compile a complete inventory of your investments and analyze each for costs, tax efficiency, performance, risk, and diversification.  We help you to understand what you have and whether what you have is appropriate for you.