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Language extraction with ultra-low latency news distribution and algorithm

Algorithm extraction news service provides the fastest distribution of machine readable headlines powered by Bloomberg news. By feeding Ultra-low latency News distribution to your firm's algorithms, you give your traders first mover advantage to maximize profits.

This is creating a massive opportunity, as everyone is looking for an edge in getting relevant market-moving information ahead of other market participants; however, to capture this opportunity, investors must embrace some quantitative practices. Identifying a reliable signal isn’t as simple as reading the news or following the right people on Twitter. It requires human intuition to underpin the strategy, infrastructure to handle large volumes of data and machine learning to model that data.

Recent breakthroughs in technology have made transforming the many varieties of data more effective. One method used is to employ natural language processing to extract and tag relevant information buried within troves of unstructured text.

For example, President Trump ’s tweets can drive the market, both up and down. But regardless of the content, just the raw number and frequency of the Trump’s Twitter posts can make a difference, too. Since 2016, days with more than 35 tweets by Trump have coincided with negative returns for the S&P 500 on average, while stocks have risen on days with fewer than five Trump tweets, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The gap in performance is statistically significant.