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Chief Executive Officer

Ushio Sugawara specializes in macroeconomics and financial market theories. He has been building his career as an investor and critic especially in the field of global financial trading.

Featured on: Weekly SPA: “Nekonomics Declaration” with Nekokumicho and Rieko Saibara”

Work: “Under Protocol – Financial Alchemical Philosophy Of A Man Who Made $600,000,000 With The Three Sectors Of Politics, Finance and Violence”
“Global Economy Is On The Verge Of Explosion Due To Violence”
“The Dark Side Of Finance -The New World Of Money and Violence Explained “

Managing Director/Public Relations

After taking charge to formulate business plans for the Business Planning Group at PwC Consulting LLC from 2013, Mr. Fumito Iwakura has been active in the Management Group at Recruit Career Co., Ltd. from 2017. His field of expertise is in organization and system. management,utilizing his experiences at PwC Consulting LLC in the system management of major banks and auditing work of listed companies.

Director of Investment Research & Advisory
Ryuta Nakazawa graduated from Faculty of Law, Hosei University in March 2017. He then joined SMBC Friend Securities in April 2017 (merged with Nikko Securities and became SMBC Nikko Securities in January 2018), resigned from SMBC Nikko Securities in February 2021 to join NEKO PARTNERS INC. in May of the same year.
He specializes in analyzing mainly the U.S. and Chinese markets, as well as corporate financial research.
Chief Analyst

Author and Critic of Economy. After working for a trading company, Mr. Watanabe launched his career as an independent business owner. He is currently managing a wide variety of companies, including support of book and policy planning. Mr. Watanabe has received exceptional reviews on both the internet and SNS platforms for his critical work on the economy. His comprehensive collection of over 50 books includes best sellers “Japan Economy Promptly Gets Awesome” and “Panama Papers."