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Bloomberg has a history of breaking market-moving news and exclusive stories. Algorithm extraction news helps your traders to take action before the market moves.


Transforming unstructured news data
Our Algorithm extraction news service transforms unstructured, real-time news into a machine readable feed.  Algorithm extraction news service applies advanced natural language processing within milliseconds to inform your firm’s research and trading activities.

Ultra-low latency News distribution
 Algorithm extraction news service provides the fastest distribution of machine readable headlines powered by Bloomberg news. By feeding  Ultra-low latency News distribution to your firm's algorithms, you give your traders first mover advantage to maximize profits.


Comprehensive coverage

We offer ultra-low latency structured economic indicators optimized for applications. Our global presence - with 1,500 economic indicators across over 70 countries - means we are on the ground wherever economic indicators are being released.


Market Sentiment indicators
Algorithm extraction news converts the volume of news and social media into manageable market sentiment data to help your analysts predict market moves.


Real-time news across 25,000 global companies
With our news coverage and ability to analyze news across 25,000 companies in real time, your investment can research a large universe of companies to take advantage of trading opportunities anywhere in the world.