December 12, 2019 Press Release
NEKO PARTNERS INC, and the execution of a Joint Business Agreement
This is to notify that NEKO PARTNERS INC, (1345 Avenue of Americas New York, NY 1010)
has completed an agreement regarding a joint business with Advance CO., Ltd. (7F Marutama Dai-3 Building, 2-8-14, Akasaka, Mintato-ku, Tokyo).
Under this Agreement, the advertising, member recruitment, usage fee settlement and fund management within Japan for the information distribution service business operated by NEKO PARTNERS INC, shall be operated by Advance CO., Ltd. This Agreement shall be for the purpose of the safe and smooth implementation of the work to develop this business.
In the event that this business is to be developed outside of Japan and the US, the operation shall be implemented by a corporate entity of the relevant country.